The Port Of Argent


Inn – The Scarlett Arrow

Innkeep: Ealdred Tallbane Gnome

  • Middle Aged
  • Unusual Skin Color – Orange
  • Honest
  • Optimistic

Comfortable Inn – 2gp/day

Retired Bard, Began his own business

General Store

Store Clerk: Zigiml Mistglade Elf

  • Young
  • Wierd Eye Color – Brown
  • Jovial

Managing store while father is away trading

Blacksmith – The Minotaur’s Steelworks

Blacksmith: Bori Clearreaver Half-Elf

  • Very Old
  • Ashen Hair
  • Friendly
  • Tired

Lived in Argent all his life, mostly does work for the ships needing repairs. Only produces basic weapons/armor, only has simple weapons available


Gauward Clawhell

  • Young
  • Tattoos
  • Hard Working
  • Wise
  • Friendly

As a boy worked on a slaver ship, escaped at Argent and worked his way up. Well respected by the town, has helped many of town, often found assisting people in his spare time.

The Port Of Argent

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